*Sólo para frikis* (con el de ‘using autofs’ casi me desorino… )


Entering the BIOS
Using autofs
kill -HUP
Using the right command on the wrong environment… as root
Things are going bad and you’re searching man pages
bash: ls: command not found
Using “cat” instead of “tail”

Answering support emails

Granting sudo to your boss
Reading about Juniper’s backdoor
Running shell scripts from the Internet
Watching a vim guru
When the PM comes around
Monday’s login after Friday’s password change

systemd evolving
Bug passes QA
After a unexpected reboot

When your Sunday oncall outage turns into their Monday oncall outage
The very first time you are handed access to production
When the firewall was left off
Reading that NSA is placing spyware in hard disks worldwide
The technical account manager when you’re investigating
Working on a small bug and noticing an sql injection vulnerability
When your team becomes noisy and the manager of the other team arrives
Watching the last release on Friday at 6pm unfold

Alerts when an outage starts
Who is on call for the big release tomorrow?
Fixing a bug during the deploy

Scripted deployment without proper error checking
After upgrading all the WordPress plugins
Submitted a bug report but no response yet
Looking at a simple bug
Looking for someone to assign the bug to
Startup dev and corporate recruiters

Junior in their first outage, thinking that this is the end
Successful failover
Understanding GIT

Running the data migration scripts on the live production on Friday
Accidentally destroying the wrong VM

Provoking the InfoSec people
Issue resolves just before you go on-call
Classic development cycle






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